• theniamhcooper

The rock

For all you rocks on World Mental Health Day, 10/10/2020.

But you, Tiger! He looks at her.

You, I can safely say, you’re not one of them.

He laughs.

The thought must be amusing to him.

She glances up, briefly, then lights up a smile. The flicker of surprise has eluded him. How well he thinks he knows her. Or, how well he has moulded her, in his mind, to be this person that he wants her to be.

63% of this may be the ‘She’ that she is, to the world. The remaining 37%, well, that’s a ‘She’ she never shows. 37%, that’s a big rock underneath the surface. Where it remains, safely buried from the world, waves lapping, water swirling, steadfast in the current. An occasional safe haven for the hermit crab. Yet, from time to time, shards from the rock face become unstuck and float away, making this rock a little less stable.

He knows nothing of the shards. Or perhaps, he was one, once. Stepped over it, oblivious. Or perhaps, he was the crab.

How can he know. One third, that’s a lot of rock. And so, she smiles at him in response. She smiles and they talk about the weather.

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