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Day 91... 9 Days to Go!

And here we are, on day 91 of lockdown, as the country slowly starts reopening. And so it's the perfect opportunity to look back on the last 91 days since the country effectively shut down.

Covid-19 was a shock to the system. The biggest reset button in living memory, for most of us. And in the time we had to stay safe and stay home, we may have done, thought, felt, or not done things that, well, we'd like to get off our chest.

The first 10 confessions have been posted. The honest, soul-exposing confessions of men, women, and children, from the age of ten right up to the ripe young age of 82. They confessed, and a weight was lifted.

And so can you. There's still time. Dig deep. Bare your deepest, darkest secrets. Get that thing that's been irking you off your chest. You will feel a lot lighter afterwards. And, you can then sit back and enjoy the other 99 confessions from people around the world. You are not alone.

Or maybe, you're not too sure where to start. This video will show you how NOT to do it:

Fret not. There's an easier way.

Just scroll on down to Contact Us and enter your details. For this one, we don't mind if you put in a fakio name and email address - we assure you we won't be contacting you back, as confessions are confessions, and need to remain anonymous!

Happy confessing.

PS: You can also click on the picture to get you back to the homepage, where the Contact Us form resides.

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