Who's Walty?

All you need is love, mojitos - and an anonymous Valentine's card. But... are we any closer to finding out who it's from? Read part 2 now.

The Promised Land

Did you ever have to leave someone, or somewhere, or someone, somewhere, that you loved?

The rock

On World Mental Health Day. 10/10/2020

Tinder is the (k)night...

Ahh, Tinder. Usually for anyone single. Or who was, at some point. Or, who behaves as though they are. You know whom I'm talking about.



Have a laugh, one musing at a time

This is a crazy world. Conspiracy theorists, online dating, delusional world leaders, ex-lovers, work life and household pets all provide such fantastic ammunition for a good old slagging. And if we couldn’t have a good laugh at ourselves, and at others, the world would be a darker place. 5MinuteMusings are bite-sized, laughter-provoking slices of life, served up by a mid-life-crisis-avoiding Mum of two, who, in her head, at least, is somewhere around 25. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy those 5MinuteMusings. There’s a piece for everyone. 
*** Disclaimer: Some musings may be shorter, some longer, depending on the muse. We hope you enjoy them all the same. ***



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Capturing Photos