Christmas 2021

Get to the shop early, she thought. Be grand, she thought. Take no chances, it’s Christmas 2021.



Have a laugh, one musing at a time

This is a crazy world. Conspiracy theorists, online dating, delusional world leaders, ex-lovers, work life and household pets all provide such fantastic ammunition for a good old slagging. And if we couldn’t have a good laugh at ourselves, and at others, the world would be a darker place. 5MinuteMusings are bite-sized, laughter-provoking slices of life, served up by a mid-life-crisis-avoiding Mum of two, who, in her head, at least, is somewhere around 25. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy those 5MinuteMusings. There’s a piece for everyone. 
*** Disclaimer: Some musings may be shorter, some longer, depending on the muse. We hope you enjoy them all the same. ***



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